How to provide samples for a writing gig?


Hi! I need some help!I am offering a writing gig here on Fiverr! I haven’t made any large number of sales yet! I was thinking of providing samples of whatever I have written uptil now but can’t figure out how! Also I was concerned if I provide what I’ve written for somebody else previously, the reciever of my sample might try to use it… I am not sure how to protect my previous buyer’s from being abused! How do writers on Fiverr provide samples of their work? Please help!


I also get asked to provide samples but I tell them that I cannot provide them withe a copy of prior orders because once I deliver it, it becomes property of the buyer. I suggest writing up a sample of your writing, something that you can show them when they ask.


Take a screenshot of the writing and implant one of these “ROSS’ WORK, DO NOT EDIT OR USE” banners behind it in faded black writing. Then just display the image as a sample :slight_smile:

All that can be done on Microsoft word. Then just hit print screen and paste it into Paint and save as JPEG.


Great idea to use an image file for a sample.

Another idea would be to send a sample of something that’s already been published on your blog or another website–and tell buyers that it’s already been published so that they know it’s not original content that they might be tempted to use.

Or use a sample that’s something they wouldn’t want to use–like a press release that’s specific to a particular event, etc.

I think it really does help to have samples to show buyers, especially if they are messaging you with questions. When I’ve sent a sample, it’s helped me close a deal.


Thanks alot everyone! Luv the idea rossonomous presented! Thanks again :slight_smile:


I am about to add samples and I am taking a photo that shows the text and I am using writing I wrote for my own business instead of a past client’s work. Hope that helps!