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How to Provide the License Files?


Hello all Fellows,

I hope that you all will be good. My question here is today that How to provide the license file or copy write document to the buyer. In our Case many buyer wants the copy write license file for the logo but i don’t know what to write in the file or how to make one.

So Some tips for it. If you can i mean provide me with a sample of one of the license files so just i get enough help that how to write one and what basic things does it require.

Thank you for Reading my question.


Be careful with what you submit. You are not allowed to submit any form of documents including your personal data such as name, adress etc.
You can always direct your buyer to the Fiverr TOS about the license. Once the buyer purchases the license from you, the rights belong to him. I hope that helps.


i read that before… but the things is how do i provide the lcense? I saw many people on fiverr giving commercial copy rights. so why would i direct them to Fiverr TOS?


You can add the license under your gig extras. When the buyer purchases the extra the rights go to him!


The buyer doesn’t have to have extra documentation if you offer a license extra. If you want to provide extra and a buyer wants it, might need to get a legal aid or professional to draw up a document for you. Make sure they know the Fiverr ToS as well so that the document doesn’t violate anything, as mentioned by annai80. Your other option is to leave the extra for the license out and that way the ToS already clearly covers the issue of copyright which belongs to the buyer unless otherwise specified.


i get the point from both of you… But still my question is there… what should i add in the license Document…? i can add the extra but what license or what authorities i’m giving them? that’s the question


That’s up to you. A lawyer or other person can draft it, but if you want it to be less vague than ToS you personally have to decide. You are the seller, the rights are all yours and then you sell part or all to the buyer. You are the person to say which rights or just grant all rights.


Can u give me a little tip about the rights i should give them or something?


I would just tell your client to rely on the Fiverr TOS. I recently had a client who requested a consent form for voice over work and when I reached out to support for permission to be able to submit one I was told “NO”.


ok thank you… anyways :slight_smile: