How to publish a gig with extras gig? [ARCHIVED]


How to publish a gig with extras gig?


What are Gig Extras and Order multiples and how do I add it to my Gig?

This feature is offered to Sellers who are currently at Level 1 or higher. Gig Extras are add-on’s to your $5 service that expand the original service into a more customized experience. Order multiples are simply the same $5 service ordered in bulk.


You must first prove yourself as an adapt seller. Drive traffic to your gig and boost your sales and you will be granted a level 1 seller stated where you can go back to gig edit and add in the extra available. Depending upon the level of seller you are the more money you can make and the more extras you can offer. It’s all about becoming a part of the Fiverr community and driving traffic to your particular gig. Good luck and I wish you the best as you become an amazing seller of Fiverr!!!


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I want to become a Level 1 seller soon so that I can have gig extra’s and make more money out of gig orders. :slight_smile:


ok…that makes sense. i was wondering why i couldnt add extras.

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when you reach level on you can add 2/3 gig extras so you basically have drop down boxes that you chose the price, the extra time you take and type in what the gig extra you are offering and then press save/submit.