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How to purchase Gig using Payoneer account?

Hello guys.
Is there any way to purchase Gigs using Payoneer account?
I am Seller but need to purchase some gigs.
So, please help me with information.
I would appreciate if any buyer help me on this matter who already purchased some gigs using Payoneer account or anyone who knows this answer.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:


Hi @gina_riley2, Really sorry for mentioning you.
Do you Know anything about this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have enough credit on Fiverr wallet?

No… I don’t have any $ in Fiverr.
That’s why I want purchase using Payoneer account.
Did you purchase before using Payoneer account?

Sorry, don’t know anything about payoneer.

I’ve never used it.

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Thanks for your time.:slightly_smiling_face:

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@fonthaunt… can you give me this information please? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not really in good form to @ random helpful users around the forum. People who know the answer to your question will respond; people who don’t will not.

Just a guess here, but I think American users tend to use Paypal, and therefore probably wouldn’t be able to answer your question.


Thanks…I will keep this in mind

I don’t know why you tagged me, but I use PayPal. i have zero info on Payoneer.

I am really sorry for disturbing you guys…