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How to put a link to your profile in your forum profile [NOT NEEDED ANYMORE, FORUM DOES IT AUTOMATICALLY NOW! <3]


ETA: You don´t need to do this anymore, the kind forum people have set it up so your link is displayed automatically now!

I see a lot of people don´t have a clickable link to their profile page. It´s not there automatically when clicking someone´s name like it was in the old forum - don´t forget to set it, if you want people to see a direct link to your main fiverr profile and your gigs when they click your name in a forum post!
You can do it here in the forum settings, see image.

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Great tip!

After you click your profile icon, then use the gear icon to set your link on the Preference page.

Scroll down and find “Web Site” and that’s the link that shows up when someone clicks on your profile icon.