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How to put a request to the buyer community from he sellers?

I have observed…some sellers put a request for work just like sellers put requests for certain services they require…
can anyone tell me how it is possible as my requests always get terminated by Fiverr …

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If it’s a request for work that you want a seller to do for you, you can put that request in the Buyer Request section.

If you mean you want someone to order one of your gigs, you don’t put that in the Buyer Requests section as it’s against the rules and could get your account in trouble. You could advertise your gigs in the forum in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section or promote it in other places outside Fiverr.

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I wonder that how some people are doing this ??

If you mean how are some people are advertising their gigs in the buyer request section, maybe whatever checks they have in place (automatic or manual) don’t immediately catch the ones that get through (if it’s an automatic, system generated check, maybe it isn’t checking for the words used in the request). But it’s still likely they could get their accounts in trouble if they advertise their gigs in the Buyer Request section (since it’s against the rules).

This tells what happens to the sellers that post for work in Buyer Requests. It is quite funny.