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How to put extras gigs on my new gig :-)


Sorry but I couldn’t find how to put extras gigs like I saw on others,

tks for helping me with your answers



Hi Stefanie,

You need to be at least a Level 1 seller before you can add gig extras. I believe you have to complete 10 orders with excellent ratings and be active on Fiverr for 30 days to reach Level 1.

When I signed up for Fiverr I didn’t realize that and I was looking around for ways to add gig extras too. Just be patient and maybe post a couple different gigs and you’ll soon have those 10 orders completed and be on your way with Level 1 status and gig extras.


Add it in your Gig description! Check out how i did mine.


Thanks for all !! true Thequietman I was looking every where :slight_smile: and you have a real good idea Cananlongworth, I’m going to do the same right away!


ok so to add extras to your GIG you have to make at least 10- $5 sales? Oh WOW! Ok Canaanlongworth I checked out your Gig and I see how you added it in your description. So does this mean that if a buyer would want say the $10 Gig they would need to purchase your Gig twice? and if they wanted the $40 Gig they would need to purchase it 8 times?

Can you purchase your own Gig? LOL! Cause I only know maybe 2 people that might purchase one of My Gigs I was going to add.

Or 2 of one Gig and 1 of another Gig. :0) Hope that will count as a combine 3 Gigs towards the 10 Gig requirement?

Also One last Question How Many Gigs can I Offer in the 1st 30 days and before those 10 Gig Sales come in?

Thank You for Any help you can give me in this matter of my confusion! :0)


Reply to @askmetoofastsc:

Yes, If they wanted doubles of the same gig they would need to purchase it Twice…

Purchasing your own gig can’t be done through your platform…

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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Reply to @thecreativeguys: no. You need to have completed at least 10 orders in total, maintain good feedback and customer service, play by the rules, and be active for 30 days.


Reply to @cheezees: Exactly. If you completed 10 orders with negative reviews you don’t become level 1 seller.