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How to put fav gigs to classified boxes?


Hi, can someone help me? How to put my collected favorite gigs into those white boxes (drawing and jingle)? I tried to click and drag numerous times but it doesn´t work.

Edited: Never mind. Looks like there is no other way but redo the collecting part and put them in the right boxes.


1.Click "Gigs I Love"
2. On every gig at the bottom left there is a hamburger icon, where you can select the other list and deselect the current one.:slight_smile:


Thank you. Let me check that out first.


I found it. The icon doesn´t look like a hamburger to me, but it worked anyway. Thank you again :slight_smile:


We, web designers call it the the Hamburger icon :smile:


LOL. Funny name for the icon :joy: