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How to put gig samples & banners/cover in my gig

I’ve seen that some sellers have displayed some actual work with their buyers as samples as gig portfolio on their gigs and also put banners/cover pictures on their gigs. I’m not getting those options on my gigs and i want to know whether a specific level has to be reached to get those options ? ( I’m already in level 1)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can attach a screenshot of the work that you’ve done then if the buyers agree it will show up in your portfolio.


Yes like solow13 said, you get the opportunity to put them there at the point of delivering an order. Make sure you check with the buyer as they might not want it displayed.


hey thanks a lot i tried it out and it worked :slight_smile:

hi ranidu,

It depends your gig category.

Both design gigs have this feature and some category have’t that.

Please understand this system.