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How to put more than 3 Images in ONE GIG?

Well Hi to everyone.I don’t know how to put more than 3 images in one gig.I am seller level 1 and there is no option to put more than 3 images.I need to put more than 3 images because Im selling logos etc.Please any help will be appriciate.

Edit your gig > go to gallery > add image > save


Hi Stefansk11, you can easily short of the space given to you in the gallery - edit your gig section which is uploading up to 3 photos and if you need more space, you could use the PDF section where you may upload many photos placed in a PDF file.

Also, you may upload a video where you can present a series of photos. You can present a lot of your portfolio work in a 1 minute video.

I hope that my ideas helped you somehow…