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How to put the play button on front of VO gig on search page


Hi! When I search as a buyer for my VO gig, I find it, but most of the other gigs have a play button in the upper right hand corner you can push and listen to the demo right on the search page. Mine does not. Does anybody know how to add that button?


Searched for your gig.

If I click on the writing that describes your gig I can then click on the video.

Not sure if that helps!


Thanks! Yes, clicking on my gig description takes you to where you can listen to my demo but other VO artists have a play button accessible on the thumbnail photo without leaving the search page. I think if I were a buyer I would rather stay on that page and listen to a bunch and choose from there. It skips the step waiting for pages to load.


Here is a previous post on the subject .


i’m having this same issue.


I dropped the headshot I was using on my gig into final cut along with my VO demo and made a movie out of it instead of a separate pic and sound clip. It was too long and rejected by quality control. It can only be 1 minute. So right now I’m putting my VO demo back into logic and cutting it down to 1 min then will try the whole thing again.


The play button will automatically appear once the video/audio will be indexed in the search system, I use iMovie to make my videos and I used one image with my music with no problem.


I got my clip uploaded after I sent Fiverr a message. I was told sometimes it just takes a little while to get approved.