How to Rank a gig? plz tell me tips and tricks to get first order


Hi everyone!
i am working on whiteboard video animation & Explainer videos. i have two years experience in this field and i have not get any order. Plz sugggest me tips and tricks


-Respond to Buyer’s Requests.
-Share your GiG in Social Sites.
-Add a Video to your GiG.
-Keep your GiG title Short.

& Tricks:
-Switch your GiG to another Category where the TopMost seller had sold less than 1000 Orders and there are Sellers with 1 order on the list.


1.Set a attractive thumbnail for video ( As far as I can see You didn’t set that on your Gig )
2.Use Better Tags ( Related to your service )
3.Try to Use Good keywords in your description
4.Go to Buyer Request section and send custom offer.


thanks for help!!


so cool .nice tips


There are great tips above, but most important tip is your gig title. Use some attractive words in the Title like - “Professional”, “Unique”, “Custom”, “Brilliant” etc. But keep it short!
Also add voice-over to your sales video.
Good Luck with sales.


-Live Explainers


Try to get your first few orders by using buyer request.


Thanks,for all good suggestion