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How to rank a new gig to the first page?


Hello World, I am new seller in fiverr. I need to know about how to rank a new gig to the first page? There are so many gigs in Convert file & Typing category. So what I need to do getting up my new gig to the 1st page?


Remarkably similar question (and answers):

P.S. You’ll need to put some gigs up first. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just in a last couple of hours I replied on exact same question 3 times. But here you go again:
You can not cheat the system or “rank” your gig on the first page. Fiverr algorythm just pics up the best sellers with best statistics. That’s it.

And if there would’ve been a secret why would we share it with you? First page is quite small and we can not fit everyone there


Is this a recent screenshot?


I don’t think that it matters because co-called “tests” that they are running they are running all the time for the last 2 years and some people always will get a response that fiver doing some tests.

But if you are curious it’s less than one month old.


Thank you !! That was very helpful