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How to rank a new Gig?

Hi experts,
I had created a Gig at the end of September 2019, at the first 2 to 3 weeks I got orders with the average selling price of $68, now from the last 1 month my gig is going down and getting pretty much impressions but not getting clicks and views.
can anyone suggest me how to rank my gig?

thanks in advance

No link so seeing your Gig/market is hard.

Is your Gig a thing with a sort lifespan - a fashion based novelty? If so, did the wind change?

Did you get a new competitor who is showing a better offer? It could be price but it could also be quality of work or even he has a photo and you don’t.

Did you change anything in your Gig? Did that make your Gig look less attractive? Try shuffling some of your Gig info about to see what happens.


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Thanks for sharing your experience with me!