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How to rank a website - Cheap and best ways (2015)

Are you searching for information on how to rank a website in 2015? Then check out my best and cheaps methods to help you rank your website. I’ve listed the best Google SEO ranking factors that are tried and tested to work in 2015.

I would recommend this services for new blog posts along with Youtube videos and all high authority web 2.0 platforms (parasites). These methods are great for those into launch jacking as well.

It should be noted that these methods are not designed for long term rankings. You will need to carry on building links for long term SEO goals.


Social signals are simply backlinks to your website from social media websites likes Facebook and Twitter. All the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) use social signals as part of their ranking algorithm. To them social signals shows that your content is being “talked” about and is good enough that people are sharing it.

Facebook and Twitter are the still big boys of social media so signals from them are essential. You should consider either drip feeding and/or using a service that does a “viral blast” over 2-3 days. I would say the “viral blast” is more natural looking than a prelonged drip feed campaign because most viral content does only stay viral for 2-4 days at best.

PRO TIP: use Fiverr for social signal campaigns on your website’s inner pages! Don’t just send signals to your homepage - very few people share homepages so have thousands of signals to your homepage doesn’t look natural at all. Send signals to 500+ word content for best results.

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Social bookmarks are a great way to get your quality content ranking high quickly. The impact of a social bookmark ciral blast tends to only last a few days if you do not back it up with social signals and Wiki backlinks. As opposed to social signals, I recommend drip feeding social bookmarks over 7 days minimum. This way your rankings will hold for longer.

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If you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment below.