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How To Rank Fiverr GIG On First Page


Please somebody tell me that how can we rank our gig on first page? i shared my gig on all of my social accounts also i got more than 300 clicks on my first day but still gig is on 18th page? Why?


Make your portfolio strong and gig images attractive.


When it comes to ranking - traffic is not the only factor that counts. Try to create a gig which requires unique or advance skill sets.
Build a brand around your services, don’t go advertising your link blindly and stay active on the forum, followed by providing quality services. And then see what happen!!

"Moeed focus around building brand ".


Only way selling gig a lot.


You can’t rank your gig as you want.

Ranking is a consequence of a good work. As more deliveries you do, and more good reviews you get, better ranking you will have.

You can’t just manipulate your ranking.

Also, there are some kind of rotation on ranking in a way to “give a chance” to new and amateur gigs. SO or you have lucky to get this chance, OR you work hard to get a better ranking


Please Donot Copy paste any Gig And Always try to makes your gig atttactive


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YOu can also use google in writing your gig