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How to rank gig and stay on top


Hey pals hope you all are will be fine and doing well in your territory.
As I am working on Fiverr since last 4 years and getting good result as well but now a days its being confusing to me that how to stay on top if a gig is already ranked but going down day by day. So I need senior’s suggestion my gig is ranked from last 2 years on top but now my compositors are getting ranked and I am going down, so if I edit my gig better then them what will occurs, As I tried before but that was bad experience someone said don’t touch your ranked gig ever if you touch it will going down or some thing else. So can anybody tell me what is ranking factor now a days?

Note: need only senior’s and TRs suggestion what should I do now?
Best regards

Suddenly my gig got hide from first page

Nobody knows except Fiverr. If anyone would know, why would they tell you or anyone else the secret? :wink:
But like I said, nobody really knows what the precise ranking factors are, though there are a lot of them (and even if you knew all the ranking factors, you still wouldn’t know how much they each weigh in the final ranking formula).

Some of the known ranking factors are the usual culprits such as the title, the description, the use of keywords, number and quality of reviews, level, etc.

So the only thing you can do is experiment: trial & error, which is probably how many of your competitors found the right solution for their gigs. Because in the end, what worked for your competitors might not work for you, and vice-versa.


There are no secret ways as the algorithm is so complex that it is not possible to figure it out.

If you have success as a seller, and are popular, that seems to be one good way to have your gigs well ranked.


i apprecite your help


Yes but every system behind some algorithms.
When I try to do positive with my gig and they got down from 1st page.


That has been happening to me, too. My gigs climbed up to 1st page very rapidly, and they are going down just as fast at the moment. I believe we will never figure out what Fiverr wants from us to stay on top.


I think mostly it depends on reviews and delievery rate.


not agree with your statement


Ha! I can type my name I and still not be found. If I want business I have find it myself


It worked okay for me - I typed your username and found you. :sunny:


You posted this on another thread! Stop!


That doesn’t work for me, doing it that way.


I must have been lucky! :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t have that users option.


I have had co-workers try to find me using different computers and “no results” comes back. It’s only been since I started complaining about it that it could be found.


Okey dokey - I was just trying to help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. It can be found as of last night- but that was AFTER I started complaining about it


Hay Misscrystal, Can you give me a favor ? check my profile and my main gig and let me know if there is wrong and unprofessional anything, if you can.
Thanks in advance


Suddenly getting down day by day and order ration going down too from last 10 days whereas last month earning was very very handsome amount.
PS: And compititors getting up whereas their gigs are same as previous and my same too, But don’t know where is lacking

  1. Go to your image thumbnail at the top,
  2. Click the “preferences” gear, in the preferences tab,
  3. Click on the Profile text,
  4. Add your fiverr gig url to the website url.

Start with that. It will help us find you faster on fiverr as well as give you another link for potential customers to find.