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How to old accounts rank on Fiverr.


Please tell me, how is it possible that you spent 8 hours reading this forum and you still didn’t learn that you can post your gig links only in my fiverr gigs category?

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read time 8 hour simple

They why you still don’t know forum rules?

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I’m forum rules? sure know

What do you mean by 8 hours? Please explain.

No you don’t. I already told you that you posted your gig link in the wrong forum category.
All gig links can be posted only in “my fiverr gig” category.

8 hour my read time ok

what read time? I don’t get it.

When clicking on your name in the forum, it will let other users know when you joined and how much read time you have on the forum.

What she is saying is, you have read 8 hours of topics in the forum, but have yet to find a topic or figure out how to use the search function to see there are literally 100’s of posts asking the same thing you are - “how to rank my Gig” etc.

Also, you can post your Gigs in TWO areas of the forum without a ruler being rapped on your knuckles - in the “My Fiverr Gigs” and “Improve My Gig” categories.