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How to Rank GiGs High On Fiverr

How to Rank GiGs High On Fiverr.

I am a bit confused.

Are you offering your gig here or is this a genuine question?

Because your job IS SEO. So… :thinking:


This a Genuine Question.

No doubt that my Job is SEO.But a GiG ranking and website Ranking are Quite Different.

I am not asking for any website on blog Ranking i just want to know about new GiG Ranking strategies.

Ranking needs age. More you keep online, more you deliver timely, more you respond buyers prompt and more your keep changing tags under gig. These all will help for high ranking at Fiverr.
Yes one thing more. Try to get more “favourites” from buyers.

Always adhere with TOS of Fiverr.


Yes you are right. But try to add low competency keywords in your Gigs.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion

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I’m sure others that would want to chime in on this as well (I’m talking about suggestions)

I will keep it short.

You will never receive the REAL answer that you are looking for since that would require the knowledge of the SERP algorithm.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Welcome Bro.
My Pleasure

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I see this piece of advice offered now and again.

First off: who said that ti helps with ranking?

Second of all: how can you make buyers favorite your gig without spamming them by asking them?

The favorite button is for people to bookmark things so they can find them later or organize them into lists.

There was never an indication that it boosts a gig’s ranking.

I think we need to put this rumor/“pro-tip” to rest.


Use your own attractive thumbnail. Stay online for most of the day (use the Fiverr app). Dedicate proper time while creating each gig. Use a short, yet relative title for your gigs. For example, “I WILL DO CREATIVE WRITING FOR YOU” rather than I WILL BE YOUR BEST CREATIVE WRITER.

thank you , very helpfull info .

Big issue, its 2nd week and I didn’t get any client, I followed every step here. I think reviews are the main reason, but how to get clients + reviews for new users! So hard. Just joined this community.

same problems here friend…
I’m still don’t get any order on this month. i don’t know why, i cant under stand what happens with me.
did you have any idea about it??