How to Rank Higher On Fiverr's Search Engine


Hello Fiverr buyers and sellers,

Do any of you have tips on how to rank my gigs higher on the search engine. For instance, when I put in “article writing blog posts” in the Fiverr search engine, my gig is on the first page result, but when I simply type in “article writing,” a stream of other gigs pop up.

@wuerz123 gave me some great tips on how to change my tags and wording to rank higher, and I used those and it has helped. I’ve gotten two new orders since I last visited the forum,

I am serious about becoming a Fiverr success story and I would like to maximize my success. If anyone would like to look at my page/gigs/reviews, I would greatly appreciate it.



Hey girl,
Glad to read…
As you see, I believe no one would be giving real advice like I do. :wink:


Hello! In my experience, you have to be really targeted with the keyboards that you choose. The tags in the gig description page? Plus it helps to have a really relevant photo. I’m still working on tweaking mine and I’ve bene here for a few years, now! I think the idea is just to accept the idea that you’re going to have to tweak and update as you go.


Would suggest writing your profile description in the first person rather than in the third person.


Your advice was awesome. The first two tags really do make a difference.


I’ve actually gotten more orders since changing it to the third person though.


If you want to discuss something else, you’re allowed to PM me, before the real bunch of old-fashioned “advisers” in this forum start with their cliché answers “share on social media… bla… bla …bla” and send you on your way…
I bet you can see now the difference…


No one has any idea how to rank their gigs due to Fiverr changing its algorithm repeatedly. The new algorithm does favor new sellers a lot more so let’s see how that goes for you.


What dies that nean?


In your profile description you say “I am” which is in the first person. If you were to use the third person you would say “tanmoyroy is.” Hope that explains it. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great! But I guess it will depend on the category as for the tone for the gig description.


I hope this helps :slight_smile:

  1. Keyword consistency - Use the same keywords in title, url, keywords and description
  2. Keyword difficulty - How many other people are trying to rank for the same keyword
  3. Number of sales/reviews for a gig/account
  4. Gig rating - Average review from 1 to 5
  5. Account status - New, 1st Level Seller, 2nd Level Seller or Top Seller.
  6. Gig status - Some gigs can be featured by Fiverr team
  7. Account age - When account was created
  8. Recent deliveries - If you have frequent deliveries in last few weeks then you’ll rank higher
  9. Video - If you have video it is a plus


URL is based on your very first title of the gig. What if you think your initial title was not good enough and you change it to a good title. How would you play with URL now?