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How to rank my all gigs on first page?😊


Anyone tell me details about this please.


We all want to be on the first page, right?
And even if there would be a secret why would be share it with you? (We can’t fit everyone on the first page)

Now answering your question: THERE IS NO SUCH WAY.
the only way is to do a great job, excellent service and keep your stats high.


You can’t rank your gig. :hugs:

Ranking is a consequence of how your gig is performing.

Also, if there was a way, why people would tell this, so you could take their places on the first page?

Please don’t believe on formulas which people send here to rank your gigs (which may still happen after this message). Most of these sellers don’t even have a single sale, or just a few and their gigs aren’t on the first page.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: …I knew you will post that kind of thread .(kidding).

However there is no way to rank your all gigs on fist page .At First try to rank one gig on first page then think about others gigs.And when you will post any thread first search that on the forum.If you do not find any thread related about your topic then post …Because some time the members tired by answering of same question

Share your gigs more and more (not here) and get orders…

All the best…



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… Then no one will stop you from being on top. :grinning: