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How to rank my gig and get order?


i’m new user and i didn’t get any order because my gig is to beneath


by reading all the replies from your previous thread that is the exact same thing as this one.


I’ve picked up on a few factors but as of now no one truly knows.


I can see a big issue here (Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad, haha :smile:).

You have only one gig. Even in your user’s description you talk about your awesome work when it comes to the shirts designs, so why don’t you make a lot of gigs targeted to different kind of people? I’m speaking from my own experience my friend… I’m a translator and writer, but I had my first sale when I putted a gig that no one else had (Who the hell writes about Japan, right? Haha), I recommend you to look into the gigs of others shirt designers to see if there exists (or doesn’t) something that you can offer.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

Steve Jobs

That was what gave the idea. Good luck my friend.


thanks for the advice