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How to rank my gig for keywords


Good evening.

I have noticed that my gigs do not rank for the related keyword. For example, I have an audio transcription gig and it does not show up, unless you search the entire title.

My question is: what should I do to start ranking for “general researches”, like “blog post”, “audio transcription” and so on?

Have an awesome day!



Dear Daniel,
It’s a topic everyone might like the answer to! This is the holy grail, and fiverr only gives us general guidance, no one really knows what the secret sauce is. In my observation, the important factors are:

  1. Have a video for your gig
  2. Use the three package model
  3. Have your keywords in the gig description too
  4. Study gigs that come up to the first page for your keywords. What do they have and you don’t?
  5. Have people put your gigs in their favorites!
  6. Needless to say, 5 star feedbacks, lots of them!
  7. Have the best deal in town! If you offer the same for the same money, why would people order your gig?
  8. Pretty pictures count!
  9. Give it time, I think fiverr algorithm takes seniority in count too.



Thank you for this awesome tips! I will make sure to implement them in my gigs.