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How to rank my gig in fiverr?

Basicaly I am new in fiverr .my gig is not rank in fiverr. what I do now!


Focus on the doing good seo of your gig using relevant and ranked tags…

You should do better Gig SEO,

Use keyword in Gig title, description & tag. Also do Gig marketing on social media like facebook & twitter.

Important tip: Try to active 24/7

Hope those tips will help your gig to rank :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Fiverr.
For Getting Order on Fiverr, you can try these

Stay Active on Fiverr and Forum
Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, not copy paste template.
Create attractive thumbnails for your gig, (your thumbnails are not good now)
Proper Description of your services.
Share your gig on the social media platform

Good Luck.

Share your gigs in social media site