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How to rank my gig on fiverr?

how to rank my gig on fiverr?


It’s a common misconception that gigs have a “rank”. There’s many posts regarding this and the short answer is that gigs are circulated. If you’re online you appear higher and when you have just completed an order. Other than that better SEO will help (but only when people are searching)


Ranking on Fiverr is just like ranking in other platforms.
All you need is SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
Use the right keywords.
Write the keyword in your description.
Let the keyword show in your gig image.
Share your gig, the more you share and people click and order your gig, the more Fiverr will rank your gig.


Thank you for the tips

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Use good tittle
Attractive gig image
Use tags in description
And perfect tags make these all changes and wait for few days your gig will rank soon.

Given that most of your gigs are SEO-based, this is a little worrying. @wolfhowler is completely right, there is no SEO on Fiverr, or way to improve your ‘rank’ without just straight up getting orders. From someone who offers SEO services, I would expect they know a little more about it than this.


There is SEO to some extent, Fiverr does have a search engine to search through gigs, but the SEO will only come into use IF a buyer searches. If they just browse the categories it will be based on who is online and most recent orders/good reviews.

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The thing is, nobody knows how Fiverr’s search works. For that reason, there is know SEO as, in a sense, it is unknown of how to optimise it. Sure, you can “use tags and keywords,” like most people say, but ultimately we don’t know how ranking works.

This is a very old post and I am sure that the systems have changed since but you get an idea of the concept from Fiverr. If you read between the lines, what they are saying is that gigs aren’t “ranked” they circulate. Does The High Ratings of a Category Rotate After Some Time

I am also very much depressed about that !