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How to rank my gig quickly

How can I rank my to first page on fiverr quickly


Complete couple of orders with bigger sales value before next evaluation. Must have to do great job ( client satisfaction ) and achieve five star review. In one word, you have to do better perform than your competitors.
This is the best way to rank your gig on first page quickly.


Do as @hk_wordpress said. There is no quick way to gain success on Fiverr. Here success takes time and a lot of work.


@vickiespencer many people earn thousands of Dollers in a single month. I have seen poost in this forum that people becomes top rated seller within one year.
Those who capable, it is quickest way for them.

Yes, there are such people. But one year is 365 days which is a long time for many of the sellers who make this type of post. Most of them are looking for quick results, as in, “I want results right now or, if possible, yesterday.”

They are looking for an easy way to be successful here, and as I said, it takes a lot of work, and the timeline is longer than "right now.’

I have been working on Fiverr nearing four years. I have never posted my gigs to social media in that time, but what I have done is constantly give the best customer service I can and continually tweak my gigs to be the best that they can be.

It took me not quite two years to qualify for Top Rated Seller, and two years after that, I became a TRS. I would not say that for me, it was easy or that it took a short time to achieve. Plus, I would bet money that most TRS’s did not get there in a year and without working for the privilege to be a top seller.