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How to rank my gig to the first page

Hi guys! I want to know how to get more impressions and clicks and after that an order.
My Gig do not appears on fiverr first page and I’m so sad cause that.


Research your gig to rank on first page :slightly_smiling_face:


Ranking your Gig on the first page need a lot of hard work!

Here are some useful tipps to achieve a great ranking:

  • Add a video to your gig
  • Do keyword research for your gig
  • Write an amazing description
  • Add FAQs to your gig
  • Always deliver on time

If you get these point right you will achieve a high ranking


Not only you but too many sellers are concerned about rankings so they panic when they don’t find their GIG on the first page.
Everyone was so busy thinking about ratings that they did nothing but confusion and sadness.
If you feel that your GIG is good enough, why panic? You can start offering your expertise in the “buyer request” feature. Seize every opportunity that exists and give the best to every buyer who comes, answer every message that comes politely and send a “custom offer.” The point is don’t panic. Your ranking will be in a good position when you have served buyers well so as to get positive reviews. Show your performance to the Fiverr team that you can make money for Fiverr, so you will rise in rank by yourself.
I never panic with rankings even I don’t care where my GIG is. Just do your best and the buyers keep coming every day. Don’t want to be a smart person on Fiverr but be the lucky one.


Thanks dear, For your nice tips.

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Try working on your gig title, description, tags etc. I will suggest you to research on these things. I hope you will get better result. The main thing is you have to find the perfect tags and keywords and use those on your gig wisely. Best of luck!

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always have patience ,Try working on your gig title, description, tags . I will suggest you to research on these things. best of luck.

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promote you gig on social media and forum posting sitesee

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Research your gig to rank first page :grinning: :grinning:

brother u need to active more then 12 hour every day. send 10 buyer request. Also u can share your gig on social media.Best of luck brother :slight_smile: .

This is awesome tips for mine. thanks

Thanks dear for helpful tips

How to keyword research my gig

Thank you guys. I Will do it.:sunglasses:

A sábado, 1/05/2021, 12:06, mony78 via Fiverr Community Forum <> escreveu:

There is no way to rank on first page. People will tell you make proper use of seo, keywords, get many orders with great reviews, create an attractive video etc. All these are right and can help. Bu ONLY fiverr algorithm decides which gigs will be shown on first page. You may have a great gig, with great keywords, great reviews, great video, great statistics but still sellers with no sales appear on first page. So the answer is, you can’t rank your gig on first page and anyone that claims that can do it for you is talking nonsense :slight_smile:

Nice advise!! hope it could be helpfull for me as well.

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research your seo best gig title.