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How to rank my gig to the first page?

Hello everyone! I want to rank my gig which is now on the last page before that my gig was on the first page and de-rank and now on the last page. I want it on the first page to maintain my position on the first page. I want to know how to get more impressions and clicks and after that an order. please help me with some tips!!!


You stay active all-time in Fiverr and try to get project regularly.



Thank you for your importation

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Gig rank depend so many things. No one know how work fiverr algorithm. Fiverr rotate gig all the time to give chance many sellers. You can try to collect some order from old buyers. And be patience your time will come.


I think the simplest advice is that you should wait for your turn again. This is what I mean. Do you remember when you first came to Fiverr? They were people whose gigs were on the first page. After a while, Fiverr took them out of the first page to accommodate yours. That’s the same that has happened to your gig. Fiverr has taken it down to accommodate other people’s own.

It will get to your turn again. No one knows how Fiverr does it, but they will certainly bring up your gig again. Just be patient.

I hope this helps?


I will wait. Thank you for your importation


@sharminnshima Stay online, Send Buyer Request, Use right Keyword

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ok i will try sweet brother

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share your gig on social media and web2.0 site to get impression and click

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ok i will try

for importation, your gig title, the description should e SEO friendly Then for click your gig image should be so attractive and the price should be stranded like a beginner. and share your gig on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…


You need to research again… . You need to repeat what you did the first time when your gig was on the first page. Go through that again and change things like description,keywords… Hopefullly your gig will again start to rank soon. Good wishes.

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Thank you for your valuable importation

Thank you for your imformation