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How to rank my gig?

Hello, I created gig two weeks ago and then it was not any better. The first week my gig was in the newest arrivals in the 10 page and ever since then my gig every day was dropped with 1-2 pages when suddenly my gig was not showing in the newest arrivals. And I was getting like 10-15 views a day, yesterday and today a didn’t get a single view or click. Do I’m doing something wrong? Or is it a good idea to delete it, I see the other people in the forum saying that if I don’t have reviews I should delete my gig and then make the exactly the same one.

Here is my gig please tell me how to improve it.

Hi. Your gig will only be in New Arrivals for a short time because only very new gigs are shown there. So don’t be worried if you’re not see it there any more. It’s because it’s not a new gig anymore.

The views will go up and down. That’s normal. If you don’t see any upward movement for a while, then it is time to make changes. Remember, this is your online business that you have to work on constantly to achieve success.

It is recommended that if there are no reviews on a gig to delete it because it gigs it a boost to go the New Arrivals section so that new eyes can see it. If you just edit the gig, it doesn’t have the same effect. Edit gigs that have reviews on them though because you NEVER want to delete a gig with reviews.

All the best!

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So when my gig disappear from Newest Arrivals were it goes? Relevance? When I change my tags I was seeing a big difference in the views and impression only for a day and they dropped again. Is it because I edit my gig regularly, I read somewhere in the forum that if I edit my gig it disappear from the search for 28-48h. Sometimes I think you need a little bit of luck because it been almost a month I think my gig is OK I made the most of it I make all the three images I have PDF file I have a long description that describes my service. And why I say you need a little bit of luck between hard work and patience because I suggest my friend two days ago to try Fiverr he creates a gig with only three examples of his work and didn’t spend much time on it he published it and a day after he gets an order. The gig is almost the same as mine, it’s in the same category.

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Remember also that there are millions of sellers on Fiverr so you can never know for certain what will happen. You just try to set up your gig as best as you can. Don’t make changes too often. Make some and wait a little because every change Fiverr has to review the gig again to see if it meets their requirements. So that will affect the placement.

Promote your gigs on social media. Tell people about it that you know and see if they need your services. The more people know about your service the better chances you have. Create more gigs as well. You can have up to 7 gigs.

Most importantly, keep at it and don’t give up. It just works differently for everyone.

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