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How to rank my Gigs on first page

Hello. Have a good day.
I am a new seller and I want to know How to SEO gigs to rank on the first page.


Stop focusing on what you cannot control and start working on what you can control.

I gave two answers in this thread. Both are relevant
I am a New-seller in Fiverr so that i am confused - Welcome / Fiverr FAQ - Fiverr Community Forum
(BTW I am an Athiest so none of this is about religion).



Ok, so just a sneaky way for you to hide you advertising your gig to sucker people into giving you traffic.

Not cool :frowning:

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i am not only sharing my link also given valuable information
Thank you


You are only sharing your link, on top of that you haven’t even written a single word of this. I thought this looked suspicious so I did some digging…

Maybe write your own content?


Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy forum posts or on or off-Fiverr content.

The above is from the forum rules.


Gig rankings are constantly rotating and there’s no way to guarantee a first page ranking! For example, you could be on the first page one day and the last page the next day.

As @benedictrm said, focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Search around the Forum for useful tips and implement those into your profile and your gigs! I hope this helps!


Hello, welcome to the community. You can get more information by researching fiverr tips category. Good luck for your gig.

According to Fiverr Forum Rules links to your gigs can only be shared in My Fiverr Gigs or Improve My Gig.