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How to rank on the first page?

Hi Fiverr sellers Community... :blush:

How to rank on the first page ?

  1. make attractive gig title (keyword based title)
  2. Put some keyword in your description (services based keyword)
  3. Set proper pricing
  4. Put proper keyword in your suggested tag section
  5. Set eye-catching Thumbnails
  6. Try to stay online long time
  7. Most important Send buyer request everyday (10)
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Try to add good keywords and also use a small title(attractive)

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idk how to get Good keywords

check the description & the title & the Tags

check your competitor gigs who already ranked on 1st page in your category. open some gigs and observe carefully and get ideas. I think you will get some awesome keywords.

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Thx i do it , & i put it in the tags & The title & the SEO & the description