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How to Rank up my GIG and take it on First page….?

Hello Every-One, Hope today you guys very well.

Dear friends, Actually I want to know, how can I improve my gig Rank, what is the manual procedure?

  • Last month my A gig was First on Search Page with about 50 5-Star Feedback, but Suddenly my gig not Appear on search, And my Gig Status showing are pending, Then I’ve created once more gig, and this gig appear on the search page, but on 3rd page, and I got already 3, 5-star feedback on that gig, but my not increasing rank, Rather more is decreasing,

So, in this situation, what can I do for increase my gig rank, I humbly request to all If you have any experience regarding this issue, please share with us,

Thanks in advance
warm regards

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There is no manual procedure. There is no procedure at all to rank your gig no matter what other going to tell you. No one here knows for a fact how fiverr algorithm works.

As for you gig: what was the reason for it “pending” if fiverr rejecting a gig they are sending you an email with a reason or reason are showing up on your gig that is pending.

So did you just deleted pending gig and created absolutely the same one?