How To Rank Up The gig on first page?


Lots of people are looking for the ways and asking questions how can my gig ranked high and i get lots of order so the tip is simple work hard :slight_smile:
Give real time out of your day to fiverr send offers if you are not getting order check the tags of your gig edit them and the most important use white board video for you gig because if will affect 40% better then image and if you use images then make sure use high quality images ans stay login stay active .
When you get order then try to deliver it as soon as possible with your 100% work so you get 5 star rating yes rating can also affect on you gig and the last please provide best service work hard to get 5 star review:)
If you have any other better suggestion then please comment :slight_smile:
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What to do to get the Gig to the first page?
How to Rank up the gig on first Pages

why are you using a picture of Armeena rana khan as you?


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you may want to use a picture that wasn’t just taken off the internet because there are copyright violations in doing that.


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Always use your own image as profile picture as it will give a good impression to buyers who they are working with.


You can promote your gigs with social FB page ,instagram etc.


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hi,i want to promote my Gig on social media but i dot know how to get the link.pls help me


open your gig there is share option on ever gig just click and share :slight_smile:


You do not need a link to promote your Gigs on social media, you just need to share your Gigs on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages from time to time. And if you don’t have large followers, you can get an influencer to help you share with his followers and friends. It’s worth a try and the results are there to show. And if all don’t work, send me a message.


In addition, you can use SEO tools, guest posts, forums, banner ads and social media ads to promote your Gigs and they will rank high. These are not easy to accomplish but when you do, your Gigs will rank high for months without leaving the first page of Fiverr search on one to three of your tags (keywords).

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Gig description faqs, title and Tags are the factor of ranking high in fiverr search. There are other factors which includes delivery on time better communication and 5* rating on first 10-15 orders so work hard use buyer request to grab the orders. Also fiverr give the chance to new sellers so be active most of the time on fiverr.


Fiverr encourages backlinks a lot so, if you only set up your Gigs, FAQs, tags and titles alone, you will not rank for long. Learn to promote your Gigs (Fiverr recommendation).


if you are getting alot of impressions and clicks and not receiving order than the bounce rate become higher and fiverr assume that the gig isn’t capable of capturing buyers. And sometime consider as a fake views and in result you may get ban.
So better work on your gig first. Video is the most important factor and fiverr gives priority to gigs which have video on it.


I think back-link strategy doesn’t work here. Fiverr has its own algorithms and the most important one is generating a huge revenue.


Great. Thank you for your contribution.


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To rank high just make sure you’re using the right tags in your niche.


Thanks for the suggestion