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How to Rank up the gig on first Pages


Lots of people are looking for the ways and asking questions how can my gig ranked high and i get lots of order so the tip is simple work hard .

If you have any other better suggestion then please comment .
Thank you



Copied from here: :frowning_face:

I can understand you want to participate in the forum etc. and good on you, but copying and pasting other users’ posts or just trying to repeat what other users have said in a slightly different way isn’t going to help you or anybody else.

Have a go at posting something of your own please! :sunny:

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really i know but what can i do. I have to know


What do you have to know?


how to rank up the gig on first page


Sell more gigs and get as many reviews as you can.

Good luck! :sunny:


:sob: Thanks …


I think When Create a Gig it must have to Unique. No copy Pest and Mixing. Must add a video in the Gig which will 200 percent effective for increase Impressions. Everyday Login in Fiver and spend maximum time in Fiverr. Send regularly Bayer Request. It is the most Effective terms a Gig for Ranking in First Page.



really this is no copy & past everyday login in fiverr and spend maximum time almost 18 hrs.regularly buyer request send and also gig shear social media but not effective increase impression


Are you added any Video in your Gig?


video not add my gig


Chaps - instead of discussing what you have and haven’t done, why not try reading some helpful tips:


Please as soon as possible add a Video in your Gig. Waht is the age of your Gig? What’s the present Impression Point?


6 month …


Oh its a long time. Can you tell me what is your impression rate and how much viewers.