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How to rank up your gig in 2017


In other words how you can rank and promote your gig in the top of the Fiverr and search engines like Google.The competition on Fiverr is very high because there are thousands of gigs on fiverr.

So rank your gig top in google you have to follow the rules of SEO.You have to give backlinks and Social Signals to your gig.You can also give your Fiverr gig link in your bio of your social media platform or forums.

The easiest way to give backlinks to your gig is with comment backlinks.There are a lot of websites who offer to comment with your website link.So inside that comment link, you can write your Fiverr gig link.

To give social signals you can create pages on Social Media platforms like Facebook and post your links there.You can also post your gig links on your twitter and LinkedIn newsfeed.

You can also join many google plus communities and post your gig links there.

I have started working on my gig ( ) and already started getting good views.