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How To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs At The Top

hello everyone,

I am a WordPress web developer recently I join in Fiverr and I make gig here and

how can I rank my gig at the top in Fiverr search.



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The simple answer: Hard work. :slight_smile:



i am a hard worker man… :slight_smile:

thank you

You need a better gig image. Find your best WordPress website and take a screenshot for your main image. Then take a screenshot of the code or whatever you do, as a portfolio sample.

Search “wordpress developer” on Fiverr and check out your competitors.

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thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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There are number of factors that influence gig ranking.
Some of them are:

  1. Keyword consistency - Use the same keywords in title, url, keywords and description
  2. Keyword difficulty - How many other people are trying to rank for the same keyword
  3. Number of sales/reviews for a gig/account
  4. Gig rating - Average review from 1 to 5
  5. Account status - New, 1st Level Seller, 2nd Level Seller or Top Seller.
  6. Gig status - Some gigs can be featured by Fiverr team
  7. Account age - When account was created
  8. Recent deliveries - If you have frequent deliveries in last few weeks then you’ll rank higher
  9. Video - If you have video it is a plus

Thanks, i hope it helps…:slight_smile:


i need your help hard worker men