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How to rank your gig on first page?

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well.
I have published my gig a week ago, and it doesnt show up in research, and i have got only 86 impressions and 6 clicks, i have also contacted fiverr support they told that it was active
Please tell me if there is any way to improve my gig for better ranking:


I can tell you the reason. It happened to one of my gigs. Someone gave me a 4.3 rating and it basically set my gig very far back in the searches. Open more gigs with things you can do well. They can be any type of gigs, but remember you need to be an expert. This will improve your rating. You gig looks good.


But i haven’t received any order in my gig
Thank you so much for your response

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I looked at your gig and saw a whole lot of ratings, is this for another gig?

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Yes old gigs i had delete it because of some customers who gave me negative reviews for absolutely no reason, and that i have gave them good product and service + revisions

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Okay that explains it. Unfortunately, the rating do count. But don’t give up! Just carry on and open more gigs as well, also keep active looking a buyer request frequently.


Thank you so much for your help!

Share your gigs as much as you can to the social medias.When you will get click from outside country your gig will get going everyday it will increase impression and clicks you will also find it by your tags in the search result.

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Thank you so much bro

To rank your gig on first page, the first thing you should know is what your competitors are doing? visit their gigs and check why clients are choosing them? they must be doing something good that you are not. Are they offering more services than you in less price ? what are their key point in the description? Also check the impressions of your gigs as they should rise up everyday and don’t just keep doing changes to your gig, changes takes time to get into fiverr system. Mark all the points and edit your gig perfectly and then give it some time to see what happens

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