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How to ranks my fiverr gig?

I am active for about 16 hours every day. The last 90 days are all my gigs on the last page. How can I get my gig back on1st page?


You can be active 24 hours a day if you want, it still wouldn’t make a difference in your ranking.

May I ask a question? Why is it that another seller who is offering the same service as you, and is located in your region has purchased from you and you also purchased from them?

And your screen names have the same two letters in them?

EDIT: Correction, there’s yet another Fiverr member, again from your region, again sporting the same two letters in their username, and they just joined the website and purchased from you.

EDIT 2: No response from the OP. Maybe he doesn’t truly want to know the answer to his question about why they lost their ranking.