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How to rate a seller when they want to cancel the order?

I been waiting 5 days for someone to work on a book cover for me. They did a first draft which was pretty bad and I have some input to make it better. First problem is she had 4 days. She waited 4 days to send the draft. Second, any time I contact her it takes a full 24 hours at least for her to get back to me. Now she is requesting to cancel the order! I want my money back but I want to be able to rate her. After I cancel the gig I would not be able to rate. This was a terrible experience.

Guess you have to weigh your options. Option 1: Let the seller keep the funds and rate as you see fit. Option 2: Mutually cancel the gig and accept refund in form of Fiverr Credit.

Though the question here is: What is more important? Rating a seller for a bad experience or going in search of another seller to fulfill your request?

Yes i think you should follow any of the 2steps above to get your money back.

When will people learn that Fiverr isn’t Yelp? Here you have to PAY to give someone a bad review. So do yourself a favor, take the money, hire someone else and stop looking for revenge. Reviews are for customers, people who get their money back are no longer customers.

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I am new to Fiverr, but recently saw an ad by a provider advertising services for 5 dollars. His ad says:

I will create unique sales, ad, and website copywriting for $5

I will write a professional Amazon product listing and description for $5

Yet, when I sent 5 dollars and asked how to go about using his services, his response was:

“know that I don’t do anything for 5 dollars” and instantly refunded my money.

This guy is extremely rude and I will not ever be using this service again.

This is clearly a bait and switch. I am so upset by this manipulative behavior, I want people to be aware that I will be reviewing the terrible service.

Make screenshots of the conversation, submit a ticket to Customer Support, and report that seller.

hello nikkicministry i can complete your pending work…plz contact me for more details and i promise you i will not let you down as she did…thanku