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How to rate back a my rated Gig?


Hi All,

I was a seller having a rated Gig with more than 1000 jobs and 750+ positive feedbacks.
Check it here.
Anyway mistakenly there was a late order for more than 6 months in my order que and it was not shown by the Fiverr system and buyer was also unresponsive. I found it few days ago and deliver it. I think because of this, my delivery time dropped and lost my daily orders also. I have no idea how to come back to the orders. I was a full time fiverr seller so I will appreciate if anyone can explain what do I do?



My suggestion: Next time, don’t deliver orders 6 months late. The Fiverr system didn’t hide that order – you just didn’t stay on top of it. YOU are responsible for all late orders… let’s not blame Fiverr for your own oversight (or the consequences of your oversight). Next time, keep track of your orders, and you won’t have any that go 6 months late.


Does 5r send notification as reminder when an order is nearing deadline, late, etc?

Just curious. I guess I’m a :cat2:


Yes it does. Lots. :slight_smile:

But What I think the OP meant was, that there was an order under modification for the past 6 months, and the buyer was unresponsive so he decided to deliver anyway.


I don’t believe so. As far as I am aware, all active orders should always be listed on the active orders page of our dashboards. I don’t see any way in which an active order would suddenly “disappear” for 6 months. An active order is an active order.


First of all, congratulations for having only 2 negative reviews and 791 positive ones. Clearly you’re doing great work!

You’ve made the following mistakes.

  1. When a buyer orders, you should be aware of his orders. If he doesn’t provide instructions, ask for instructions. If he ignores you for 24 hours, cancel the order.

  2. Don’t deliver work 6 months late, I would have refunded that order. By delivering, you risk a bad review, a waste of time, and the problem you have now.

  3. Visit “manage sales” everyday and click on “active” to see what active orders you have.

  4. Turn on e-mail or phone notifications so you know when you’re getting orders. If you don’t have a smartphone, check your e-mail everyday, at least twice or thrice a day.

Good luck


The PC app is really good too. Since I’ve downloaded it, I haven’t missed a thing.


next evaluation In 15 Feb, be active these days and send proposals In Buyer Requests


Thanks for the suggestion. I checked dashboard everyday and couldn’t find that order. Any way I will more carefully in future.


Thanks for your reply. Mobile phone notification method is great. Already using it.


what do you mean by “the pc app is really good too”?


It has happened to me a few times that new orders don’t show up in dashboard, I got a cancellation recently because of that. Initially, I got a notification that the order was made, however, got lost track of it as it didn’t show up in my dashboard. Second time that happened, I was checking the Orders in Queue page and there it was. The third time it happened, I reported it to Fiverr and they fixed it.

Hopefully, it won’t come back again.

So in other words, YES it happens and please don’t just go into attack mode that the seller did not complete the order. It can happen, not sure if 6 months though.