How To Rate Seller's Work


I have placed 3 orders with the same seller. 1- order is complete, the other 2 I can’t find the page to rate the seller’s work so she can release my images. The seller holds the images with a watermark on them until you rate her. Well in my order pages I must have clicked something wrong because I can’t rate her work so she is not responding or sending the artwork without the watermarks. What can I do? I opened a dispute asking her to please send the page so I can rate her and recieve the work that I have paid for. I don’t think it is fair to hold my images until I give you a good review, this is a poor way of doing business.
Someone please helppppppp!!!



I’m having the same issue. How do you leave a review ?


Seller should deliver full files and he/she cannot hold the designs until you rate the order. Rating a order is totally up to buyer and seller can not force to do that or hold the designs. as a buyer you can rate end of the order, when you have all the designs in hand. try to ask design from your seller and if he/she refuse you can contact the “Customer Support”

as a seller my advice is first try to ask him to hand over the original designs. and let him know that holding designs against Fiverr’s terms and he will get ban his account for that. even if your seller don’t want to deliver full files you can contact the “Customer Support”

Thank you


Ha! There is no such thing as “customer support”. I finally just closed my account because my money was taken for terrible useless work and “customer support” would not respond.


Well, sadly, that’s a rather sour attitude to have.

Who’s “taking your money for terrible useless work”? It’s your responsibility to research and select sellers that you trust to complete your work. If you are experiencing repeated terrible buyer-seller interactions, perhaps you should look more at what YOU are doing, rather than blaming everything on others as “useless” and “terrible”.

And, in my experience, Customer Support has been fantastic. Perhaps, again, your own expectations are too high for other people to match. Be patient. Be courteous. Be honest.


Oh really. but if you could wait, Customer Support will help you for sure. they will reply to you with 24h. you can get your money back for sure.



Have you checked if it’s your seller who holds it watermarked or is the Fiverr Watermark?

The Fiverr Watermark disappears when you accept the order, independently if you leave a good review or not. If this is the case and you don’t find the page where to rate her, the Watermark will disappear after the 3 days without you leaving any review. And you can download your files.

Don’t desperate, breath deeply and check that out!



In addition to what @wuerz123 said, if you have opened the dispute, the order is still open, and you won’t get the work without the watermark until the order is closed. That’s not the seller holding your images hostage, that’s how Fiverr works, because there were dishonest buyers who took images, opened a dispute, and demanded a cancellation and a refund, therefore running away with work they didn’t pay for.


This is good to know. I didn’t realize Fiverr used a watermark in this way.


Good information as well. I wonder if this is ever an issue with voiceover work.


It Is a sour attitude based on my experience with FiverR. Your comment sounds like you think FiverR is the only game in town. I had to pay someone else to actually do the work requested (on another site). I did SPEAK with a customer rep before signing up with the new site.
I tried emailing Fiverr customer support several times with no response. There is no number to call.
I wanted a UNIQUE logo designed and the person on Fiverr had glowing reviews. She kept cutting and pasting designs from other logos (I can do that in Photoshop). When I stressed I wanted something unique, she wanted me to draw what I wanted and send to her. Maybe my expectations are high, but I found someone who is creative and designed me a great logo without have me come up with something.


This is likely the problem. Once is enough. Fiverr Customer Support greatly dislikes being harassed by users, with multiple messages, demanding an immediate response. Be patient.

Patience really is the best course of action when working with CS.


It’s not only unfair it’s against the rules. You should report her to customer support with a screenshot of her mentioning she does this. And you should get a refund.

This is totally unacceptable behavior for a seller.

Customer support would have remedied the problem for you if you had submitted only one ticket but they don’t help when multiple tickets for the same problem are submitted.


So how long should I have waited? After a week, I tried again. After a month I still had no answer.


I’m not sure what you wanted Customer Support to do. It is not CS’s responsibility to solve issues between you and your seller. That is YOUR responsibility. YOU select a seller to work with; YOU work with them to obtain the work you hire them to create. If the seller doesn’t match your request, that isn’t Fiverr’s fault, and therefore, not something that Fiverr will “fix”.

Fiverr is not going force-refund any orders just because you don’t like the work that was delivered. It even states in the TOS that they don’t do that. Perhaps Fiverr CS didn’t respond to your ticket, because it wasn’t in their purview to do so.

Demanding that Fiverr Customer Support do something that is YOUR responsibility to work out with your chosen seller, isn’t a good strategy. I’m sorry to hear that your chosen seller didn’t match your needs. You either review and move on to find another seller, or, I suppose, as you have done, you delete your buyer account and complain on the forums.

The first choice would have been more productive.


Is this a veiled insult? Is there a reason you capitalized those letters?

If so, as it seems, then it is not I who would appear to “be a piece of work”.