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How to reach level 2 in 2 months and earn over 2000$ a month!

Hi everyone,

I just joined Fiverr two months back and got to level 2 today and I am pretty excited about it so I thought I should share some insights on how I worked towards that.

  1. Hang in there;

I see a lot of people posting and asking about the fact they did not get any sales and how to get the sales up. First of all do not give up. I remember my first few weeks were tough with no sales and I was sending out lots of requests. I sent out 10 requests I had every day and kept hoping I would get some sales. This had a good effect as it brought more traffic to my profile and got the impressions up. Then I got one offer I did that it was followed by another one and like that I was getting jobs
Ok so I got jobs but how did I make sure I keep getting them…

  1. Be ready to go that extra mile:
    You may be very qualified at your gig sometimes even more than others but you have to remember the fact that you are just starting out so you have to be ready to drop your prices and do something more than what your budget says. Be ready to do something extra the buyer request for a lesser price and trust me it will pay up. The best example was my first research gig that I did for 5$ and the buyer was so impressed he tipped me 25$ and ever since that he always come to me with more work and refers lot of his other friends as well.
    To keep getting the jobs you have to have a good gig:

  2. Almost 80% lies in your gig.
    You have to make sure it is something people want and it is trending. If those gigs are random gigs that are needed rarely you will not get many sales. The description and the keywords matter. Make sure they are on the list of most searched words in the gig. Have a catchy gig title as well.

  3. The reviews matter a lot:
    Work hard to get that great job review and be flexible for the client and be ready to do something because he will always come first. Then try to use those reviews to sell your gigs like using live portfolios and etc. Also be careful from some customers who are going to be trouble. The key is communication and proper communication before accepting the job to get a proper understanding is what is requested and the communication throughout will be the key to success.

  4. Last but not least:
    Enjoy working on Fiverr when you are satisfied your customer will be satisfied and your job will be satisfactory. Deliver on time. Stay true to yourself your customer and Fiverr. Then in no time, you will be a fiverr rockstar.

Good Luck!


thanks a lot for your valuable post…

Hi I also want to $2000 on fiverr.

Thank you so much!

You are doing so well and so fast! Let this show all the sellers complaining that newbies don’t get a chance from buyers. You started just two months ago and have over 70 reviews already. Congratulations.

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Great info.


Congratulations! You are so fast and achieve quick success. I hope i can do also. Mine 26 days is running 11projects completed 4 projects still running. Enjoying Fiverr.

Hi, you would be like an inspiration. I currently completed 2 Orders and 6 orders of mine are Delivered(waiting for buyer to mark complete) in 1 week.

Thanks for your tips!

Thanks for your tip keep hard working

I’m a Level 2 seller for more than a year and yet to earn $2000/month. But having gone through your Gigs I’m inspired to add Packages to my Gigs which I’ve been postponing for sometime now. :slight_smile:

How do you get those first few gigs.
Is there a way of approaching buyers. Or a site one can share your gigs on.

Congratzz you can be top rated seller.

Wow. Your post was really helpful and inspiring

You can go to buyer requests and go through them and send the requests out with a good pitch to what you can do.



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Congratulations for your great success.

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Hi thank you for your post. I am just starting out on Fiverr and am really not sure if I am doing my gig correctly or not.

Your story will inspire many new buyers…Congratulations and good luck :slight_smile: