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How to reach more buyers in and out of

Hey guys so I wanted to start a discussion on how to build your potential buyer reach on fiverr and outside of fiverr. If anyone with experience and success with this can add to the discussion and leave nuggets that would be awesome! I want to expand my reach and gorw my business and I only imagine that their are tons of others that would like to do the same so LET’S MAKE THIS AWESOME!


What is the best thing to do to grow your business and market yourself on slow days?

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I have no idea what other people do, but I use my slow days to catch up on outstanding orders in my to-do list. But when I have really slow days, I contact existing clients to ask them if they need anything done. It works every time.

i’ve just test with twitter, pretty good,

get twitter app, download an twit follow app, get promoted, and you share your gig on twitter, they randomly retweet your gig :slight_smile:

still testing

You have to ask yourself, what Facebook groups/pages are my buyers joining? The other thing is you don’t want to spam. Nobody likes someone who’s always telling you to visit his gig. Instead, just make sure your Facebook profile has a link to your gig.

By the way, has anyone created a Facebook page to promote their Fiverr gigs? I thought about doing that, but I’m not sure if Fiverr is OK with that.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Facebook is host to dozens of groups of Fiverr sellers and buyers. When I first joined Fiverr, I actually joined some of these groups and dedicated pages but after about a week, I realized that the sheer amount of spam on these pages makes it almost impossible for a legitimate gig to attract custom. For me, Facebook did not work as a marketing tool, but it might be different for others.

I also created a FB page with the specific purpose of advertising my own gigs, but in just more than a month, I did not get even a single hit, enquiry, or order, and that was with about 1000 genuine followers. Now, I do not promote or advertise my gigs outside of Fiverr, and I am so busy that I regularly have to pause my gigs to control the flow of orders, which makes me think that good customer service coupled with a unique service is much more valuable than any social media marketing campaign.

On my slow day I network with others (Facebook groups) in the same field and I read a lot and follow up with whats happening in my field and how I can improve on my skills. So if I can use this skill in my gig I do so.

Does anyone have a blog that is dedicated to their Fiverr gigs work? I’m strongly thinking about setting one up…


you say you do professional video editing, but what exactly do you do for $5 - how long can the video be? YOu need to be more specific about this in your gig description. YOu have to offer something for $5…so is that a 5 minute video? Or 10 minute? Or a vine 6 second kind of thing for $5?

Part of selling on Fiverr is having as strong a gig as possible which means being clear and detailed first in what you provide for $5 and then what various extras will cost. Length of time, special effects, etc., etc.

Also, on your other gig where you say you can download any video from any website, you aren’t providing that service for illegal purposes are you? Most videos are copyrighted so I am wondering what your intentions are with that particular gig.

Also, freelancing on Fiverr is just like any other kind of freelancing, you can also do paid advertising in addition to Tiwtter and FAcebook, but the key is to figure out who your target market is and put yourself in front of that market. To juts say anyone who needs video is too wide, narrow it down. Even if you have more than one market (you can tailor ads towards each) but tapping into your target market is the way to go. There are many books and articles and tips all over the web about promoting your freelance biz in general. The only thing you have to watch out for, like someone mentioned above, is to only have your Fiverr contact info because connecteing with someone outside Fiverr is against the rules if they come through Fiverr first.

I create more gigs, promote slow gigs on social media, and message buyers that haven’t ordered in awhile

Creating a blog about Fiverr tips is a good way to draw traffic to your gig and even be featured on Fiverr, i.e the more traffic your gig is getting, then Fiverr SEO algorithm will feature your gig (you need positive reviews for this to work too)
Secondly, I believe good customer service will help you in getting repeat orders.

Try as most social medias as you can. I proves to be helpful.

my own method is using fiverr forum for comment and it result me lot of sales

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how can i make money from fiverr.??

I’ve noticed every time I update my gigs, I seem to get more sales/messages inquiring about work. Then again, I am just starting off and am still in the “polishing process”.

Reply to @reinier01: I think the “cold calling” of previous clients is brilliant! Excellent tip!


Reply to @irender4u: If the buyer is a long term repeat buyer who just hasn’t purchased lately, I can see some good use to check in, especially if you are offering them some kind of special. I’d be very careful about sending messages to 1 time buyers, though. I’ve seen several fairly new sellers on the forums who say that they’ve been reported for spam by doing this. If your gut tells you to go for it, all good, but just be aware.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Is it against the rules to create a Facebook page to promote a Fiverr gig? I was just thinking about making a page. Since it’s promoting Fiverr as well I don’t see a problem.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’ve seen people doing it, there is no issue, but you mustn’t have any contact information other than a link to your gigs on fiverr. Fiverr has no issue with that.

Reply to @reinier01: You have to offer something different or be very popular to have success from Facebook or Twitter. I personally think that if you do indeed want to advertise yourself this way, brainstorm it and target the right people. You can even promote your page for a little fee, never tried it but that should work!