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How to reach "Top rated seller"

First of all a big thanks to the fiverr for supporting the small business that we had to turn into so big:).It has been almost more than two years on fiverr and I started it during my early college days in order to have few extra bucks for my pocket money.Soon I understood that writing is the domain I want to be in.Now 230 plus sales and counting it has become one of earning and creative domain that I enjoy.I am on level two now and waiting for the tag"top rated seller".Working hard to make it but do not know when it will turn up.Tips and experiences are welcome:)

That is the point,what catches their attention??

Time on Site + High Market Value Gig + Large Number of Sales + 100% ratings + Low Cancellation Ratio + Commitment to Community = TRS

There is no criteria.

I have been told this by Fiverr staff themselves when, frustrated I finally got a true answer.

TRS’s are picked by the Fiverr editors. That’s it. There’s no secret formula.

You can have a perfect rating. Thousands and thousands of sales. No negatives. And still never reach Top Rated Seller. It’s all up to the Fiverr staff.

The long running joke on Fiverr is that it shouldn’t be called Top Rated Seller. It should be called “Fiverr’s Picks” or something since rating has nothing to do with it.

I, myself have around 9k sales without 1 single negative feedback. Not even 1… And I will never make TRS because I deal in the social marketing category. Again, I’ve was told this by Fiverr themselves. Unless I come up with a cool, unique gig, even with my perfect rating and high sales volume I will not be promoted any higher because they don’t give this rating to social marketers. And because it’s hand picked.

( Personal note. A Top Rated seller should be based on ratings. (Top ‘Rated’ Seller). It is not however, thus the long running joke.

As for advice… Just create a cool gig and go with it. Keep your stats up, as said above and hope you get noticed!

EDIT: Sorry @kjblynx - I seen you posted the link but didn’t notice that you already said a lot of what I did. LOL

Maintain high ratings, abides the rules, low cancellation rate and active in forums

@adeelqures - Nope. High ratings and rule following sort of. But nothing to do with the forums. There are Top Rated sellers with under 90% rating and some with very few sales.

Read my post above yours.

I think Fiverr has both ways to sort Top rated sellers, from seller activities and staff selected.

Kind Regards!

hmmm thats a good idea

I think Fiverr select top rated seller based on below steps!

Seniority (with seller working fields) + volume of sales + high rating + Video + leadership ( Active in forum mean beginner’s help) + Max 2-5 days Delivery, max 3% cancellation, Large Number of queue orders.

I have lost count of the number of posts by Sellers, I’ve seen about this topic: How does Fiverr choose Top Sellers?

One thing I have NEVER seen in the responses, is one of the factors Fiverr themselves says is a key determinant of who they promote to Top Seller:


It makes sense, when you think about it. Fiverr’s First Job… is to MAKE MONEY.

Otherwise, they die. (And on the Internet, where your competition can KILL you at viral-word-of-mouth speed - you can die FAST!)

So the factors that are SMART for Fiverr to use, to decide who gets “Top Seller” honours are:

  1. Volume
  2. Conversion
  3. Value


Reply to @kjblynx: Ok, this is strange…

The mention of “Conversion” (and that IS the actual word used), is not on the “official” Levels page (that is, the one you get, if you click the “Levels” hyperlink in my comment above).

It’s on the previous page, in a clickstream that ENDS at the Levels page.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write down that clickstream… and now, I can’t replicate it!


But what I saw… not only says that Conversion is a factor… it even explained what they mean by Conversion, mathematically:

Number of people who BUY your Gig / Number of people who VIEW your Gig


I found it! Conversion is mentioned on the Fiverr “Levels” page.