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How to react/ tackle cancelations?

In the last month, I had 2 cancellations, which were based on personal preference, although, my gig and before the order, I had specifically described how the final product will look like, yet the customers cancel. I have tried to contact customer support multiple times, although, they just mark it as solved leading me to cancel it due to the amount of stress and abuse I got from one of the customers.

Today I received another cancellation, although I described everything in the order description and between our messages yet they want something else which wasn’t in the price nor description, I am very unsure how this tackle cancellation? I have given another proposition that would work with their brand which would cost more, however, they did as it stated it they cant increase their budget and cancelled, although, what I delivered was exactly what I described with small amount of areas that are opinion-based which I can change in the revision, however, their main dislike is something I stated in the description which led to the price.

The way I handle cancellations is I usually tell the customer they still have revisions and that the terms and conditions state personal preference cancellations are not supported in a nice manner, although, in my previous experience this hasn’t worked and they just became abusive and just lead me to cancel due to the anxiety caused in this situation, with customer support being no help I felt so helpless.
I wonder if there is any advice on tackling cancellations? / what I can do with the buyer who is asking for something they haven’t purchased and arent planning to purchase it?

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Clearly describe your service to avoid cancellation

That’s exactly what I did :frowning: what am I suppose to do now when I have done that and the customer is asking for something that was not in the description and is literally the opposite of what I described :frowning:

Check this out:

Do you think i should cancel this order? As im aware customer support will ignore me so no help there and the customer is wanting the opposite to my order description its like going out for food asking for a chicken burger and when it comes the customer say actually i want a total different food for the same price :frowning: