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How to react to Order Dispute

Customer sent me a message Order Dispute
I want to do the project to the end and make the customer happy and buy my product.
What should i click Decline or Accept? above it says to the customer like to cancel this order but I don’t.


It depends heavily on the situation. Did they provide a reason?

Yes. But I can do what the customer wants. I just don’t know what to click on these two buttons because they both associate me with canceling an order (Decline - decline order) (Accept - accept to cancel order)

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Decline won’t cancel the order. Decline will decline the cancellation request.

You could send him an email to explain your intention to complete the project.

I did it but the customer does not respond. I’ll click Decline so I’ll see what happens.

If you can add comment to the decline section, just type what you wish.


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Do I now have to wait for him to approve that I canceled the cancellation order, as in order does not show me how much time I still have until the end, and I have a button to send again.
If he has decided to cancel, he can cancel for days and I will not accept for days, it’s madness

You’ve not really shared much information here, so it’s hard to give you useful advice. Why does the customer want to cancel? Have you already completed and submitted the work to the order? Those are quite crucial parts of the puzzle.

The problem is, if you’ve not already delivered the work, and the client has asked to cancel, this approach is going to end badly for you. Ultimately, Customer Support will tell you that they can’t force someone to accept an order. If the buyer approaches CS, especially at the point where you’ve not yet submitted the work, CS will most likely side with the buyer, cancel the order, and refund the client their money. You’ll wind up working for nothing.

Cancellations are frustrating for sellers - but if your buyer has made their mind up that they no longer want you to complete the order for them, especially if you’ve not yet submitted any work, then refusing the cancellation request might wind up costing you both time and money.