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How to reactive canceled order?

How to reactive canceled order? Do you know the process??

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If it’s cancelled, it’s cancelled. It can’t be activated again.

The buyer can place a new order, if that’s what you both want.


thanks your advise sir…

It cant be activated again if it is cancelled.

But isn`t that stupid?

In resolution center you can pick out an option BUYER WILL ORDER AGAIN (it happened to me because they needed some things to be done before I could do my work).

The buyer agreed with resolution center “BUYER WILL ORDER AGAIN” and yet when the order was canceled I got downrank because “incomplete orders”.

So this customer, even though he ordered again, made my percentage fall. In this case, reopening an order should be a posibility dont you think?

How is that stupid?

What would be the point in someone cancelling if it could be reactivated again? That’s not how policy works. The ToS don’t become breakable just because they aren’t in your favor.


Stop calling people sir, ma’am, etc. It’s so unprofessional and most people don’t like it.

And she’s obviously a woman, anyway.

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You get and order from a client who does not know exactly what he wants. He did not read the gig description carefuly. He did not provide you with gig requirements as he should.

So you as a seller get an order that you can not complete and its not your fault. You can not do nothing else and cancel the order. When you do that you get deranked at order completition and its not your fault… now you tell me how is that NOT stupid? :smiley:

I mean you cancel order in resoltion center. If you have an option, that buyer did not provide you with right info or did not buy the right gig, and buyer accepts this in resolution center. Why is then the seller penalised with percent drop in order completion and can get deranked from for ex. level 2 seller to lvl 1?

I am just saying if buyer agrees he maid a mistake or he said I am not ready for this I will buy in 1 month, than you should not get percentage drop. If you can not deliver your order or something simmilar thats another case.

You can try contacting Customer Support and asking them to cancel the order without affecting your stats. Sometimes they do that.

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Nothing you’re describing means you get to force a buyer to buyer something after it’s been cancelled.

I agree that our ratings shouldn’t be hurt by things that are out of your control, but that is a totally separate argument. It doesn’t mean Fiverr would break their own ToS to help you.

If an order is cancelled you can’t force someone to buy it again. That’s illegal and Fiverr would get sued. You can’t force anyone to buy anything and your ratings don’t change that.

It’s pointless to rant that illegal things should be allowed.

[ma`am, sir] ******

A [bi-gender] [pronoun]
used to politely refer to an individual one does not know. Typically used by store employees to address customers.

Stop being ofended by everything :slight_smile:

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Are you even selling on Fiverr?

In resoltion center there is an option to pick CANCLE ORDER --> BUYER WILL BUY AGAIN

And when you pick this option, buyer can ACCEPT it or DENIE it. Even though the buyer does not buy again all I am saying, when picking this option, your percentage should not be droped because its clearly shown that something “unpredictable” went wrong.

In my case buyer bought something and did not fulfill the requirements and gave faulty ones. So he agreed he will come back to me when he has everything he needs, so we picked this option…


No one takes you seriously in business if you talk like you’re a servant talking to your boss. It isn’t about being offended it’s about telling you what puts clients off. If you want to put clients off by calling them sir or ma’am, be my guest. No one in the western world calls their client sir or ma’am because it’s unprofessional and amateur.

By the way, ma’am is for women and sir is for men. Can you honestly say you would be be okay with someone calling you a woman? Wow.

I’m telling people how to avoid looking bad to clients. If they want to look bad, they can be my guest.


You aren’t getting it.

None of this makes it legal to force someone to buy something after they have cancelled it.

I am a seller, yes, and I also know the law.

This is a personal perference. I am just saying its related to where you are coming from.

Its nothing servant about it in my country if you address somebody as Sir or Maam (he made a mistake I get that…and I am mistaken all the time in my digital buying proceses and I just smile about)

The thing is when buying online you should accept the fact that not everybody is from your country and social rules does not apply everywhere the same…

Could a restaurant force someone to come back to a restaurant to buy a steak and force the charge on their account after they got a refund on their last one?

Absolutely not. It’s illegal and the restaurant would get sued.

Your argument is beyond absurd and futile.

Why not use your energy to focus on things you can change instead of ranting that a company isn’t breaking the law to do you a favor?



this is a Fiverr options that is in use as a REASON why order is beeing canceled. Noone ever said you are legaly suposed to do that. Its just a reason why order is being canceled.

Buyer will order again simply means he or she May order but still not guaranteed, so if he orders later when you reach back to your 100% order completion rate it wouldn’t make any sense !

I understand that seller always suffer bit extra than buyer but when order has reached at point where you have to cancel it stating “buyer will order again”, means there may be some lake of communication from buyer side or from both side…

you contact CS and explain thing here !


I have confirmed that this isn’t true at all in business in India. Only amateurs in this country think that you speak to clients the same way you would speak if you are a servant.

Sir or madam is only appropriate in the context of servitude, even in India and you should know that a freelancer isn’t a servant to their client.

And regardless, your clients aren’t India necessarily and neither are the people you are speaking to here. It is quite silly to think everyone should find you professional for calling them things they don’t like.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Its basicaly saying - me and buyer agreed to cancle the order because the buyer said he will buy again later.

Period. Thats it. :slight_smile:

And fiverr than closes it - as mutual agreement between buyer and seller. Its predefined option here. Its not part of my imagination :smiley:

and All I am saying is…whenever you pick this option you should not get % droped in order completition.