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How to reactive canceled order?

I am not from India :smiley:

The same is true for restaurants. People can buy from them again. That doesn’t make it legal to force them to do it…

A prior purchase doesn’t mean you get to force someone to buy something again. What century is this?

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If you have an active order. Just for the sake of fun, open a resolution center. Pick option ORDER CANCELATION.

Buyer and Seller agreed.

Buyer will buy again.


Nothing in the resolution Center applies to an order that has already been canceled. Why is this so hard to understand?

You can pick that on active order, when you have to close it in resolution center.

Every mutual cancellation would have this reason then…
Its more like why they take 20% from Tips…fiverr team is not stupid and they think all the way few seller wouldn’t have imagine …!


Yeah well… its buisness :slight_smile:

You aren’t making sense. Is this a problem understanding English??

We’re talking about an order that has already been cancelled. So nothing in the resolution center applies. Just because people can use the resolution center to do something, doesn’t mean you can reverse it after it has already been cancelled.

It’s not as simple as that. If that’s how it worked, the order could be cancelled for any other reason (say, the seller wants to avoid a bad review), and the seller could beg the buyer to accept that one as the reason to avoid penalties.


This is my last post and read it carefuly because you wandered off topic. I will do it in bullet points on real case scenario:

  1. Buyer placed an order in my shop

  2. I could not start with order, because he did not provide me with all information needed

  3. When I contacted him to give me all information he could not and asked if he can come back in a week

  4. I said yes, but order is due in 3 days so we need to cancle the order

  5. I went to resolution center. Picked option CANCLE ORDER, picked option BUYER AND SELLER AGREED, picked option BUYER WILL BUY AGAIN (this is all Fiver predefined options)

  6. Buyer got the resolution center “offer” and he accepted it. The order was canceled.

  7. I got order completition percentage droped

All I am saying is, that in some cases, few predefined resolution center options, should not do the percentage drop.

The upper client came back to me in a week and completed an order - I still am under 90% of order completition because of first cancelation.

Yes thats true. But simmilar stuff happens with begging for reviews or payment options that would be out of Fiverr.

Fiverr sorted that out with flaging certain words in conversations that instantly goes to their support center who review whole conversation and penalise the buyer/seller.

Same thing could be done with begging for cancelation.

Already cleared this…
If fiverr adds some option where Order completion rate wont drop, everyone would start picking that option even if real reason behind cancellation is different, and start taking advantage of this and this would be abuse of system !

You could have sent him time extension for a week or 10 -15 days ? isn’t it a good way to handle this ?
few scenarios needs logical solution rather then changing whole fiverr system


I agree that our ratings shouldn’t be affected.

But that is not the only argument. The title of the thread you are defending is literally about how you can reactivate a cancelled order. And for the fourth time, no circumstance makes that legal.

Edited: My original post attributed this to the wrong person. My apologies.

sorry for off topic, but I would correct you here…this post if from different guy !

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Right, thanks! I meant that this argument is what I’m saying is wrong as he is supporting it.

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You could have asked for extension of the order instead of cancelling.

If they beg openly. Some are smart enough not to do that, and word things differently.


Yes well… it was one of my first orders… I didnt really know if he will come back or he just changed his mind :slight_smile:

if there have a function like that, it would be better

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But he ordered without any discussion with you and now you are paying the price on your order completion rate…So better to convince him to extend time…and if not you can always talk to CS and they’ll help you out !

Yeah well its a thing of a past. He came back to me in a week, still did some more work, still needed some things…we would never be done in time :slight_smile:

But yes it was my “school” for future stuff :slight_smile:

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