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How to read the Revenue page?


I’ve been on Fiverr a long time. But I gotta tell you. The new dashboard for the Revenues section just isn’t jiving with me. It’s one of the things I wish they’d never changed. Anyhow…

No matter how I add up the numbers: (Pending/Upcoming) It never adds up properly or makes any sense.

Basically. I have no real idea what and when things are happening. Any help or explanations would be really helpful. Not just for me, but probably for a lot of others as well. Especially how the Pending/Upcoming plays in. The numbers just don’t add up to me. LOL


Well, only the total earned (in $) after joining is different with what it is in real in my case; rest everything is advanced and very easy to read after the update (new dashboard) for me :slight_smile:

Just refresh the page or try to log out and log in again … and if still this doesn’t works, try to log in from a different browser… this might help you.


My biggest problem is with the pending clearance, and the upcoming earnings.

Say I have 50 dollars pending, and 100 dollars upcoming… does that mean I have 150 in total? ( 100 upcoming + 50 pending) Or does it mean I have 100? (50 pending and 50 already).

It’s a nuts system when dealing with larger figures, sales and blah blah blah.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: The pending relates to gigs that have been completed and are in that 14-day clearing period. The upcoming refers to gigs that are still in your to-do list that have not yet been completed.

So in 14 days or less, you will have $50 in your available funds and the $100 will be pending for 14 - 17 days after you complete the tasks. (14 if the buyer rates right away, 17 if the buyer does not rate and it auto-completes).