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How to receive orders from Seller for review


I have received a message from [a seller] about my prepaid order, “********** left you messages in regards to the order #FO**********…”
How do I respond to this message?

  1. How do I download and review this preliminary work?
  2. How do I finally accept the work and make payment to graphicharvest from my existing fund with FIVERR?

Sorry, but your website is not intuitive.

Ted Madson

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Not sure this’ll answer everything, but you can find more in the help centre:

Added - please could you remove the seller’s username from your post? Thank you! :sunny:


Hi, Offlinehelpers sent you a very clear resource where everything is explained very well.
Next to that, this is the forum which is used by sellers and (some) buyers on Fiverr. We are not the ‘owners’ of Fiverr. It’s not our website either.

Having said that, we are here also to help each other out, so I hope you will be able to figure out your issues with the information provided.

Good luck!


Thanks. The video was very helpful.